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newWhy I Must Oppose the New Apostolic Reformation - Kent Philpott

After seeing the NAR impact two people in the congregation I pastor (in my 32nd year) at Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, California, events occurred that essentially forced me to speak out and act against a movement I realize is far more errant than I first imagined. Though I have written about this general situation before, the scope and magnitude of it now requires a stronger response.

posted 06/26/2017

A Reason to Write, Part 3: The Great Art—The Pen of the Ready Writer - David Hoyt

Who will add their writing voice to expose and denounce the atrocities of our day? How do we feel about ethnic cleansing, child-abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation of minors, racial bigotry, human trafficking, state and national government corruption, the use of chemical weapons in warfare, police brutality, gang violence, drug trafficking, dictator murder and rape crimes, white collar crime, vandalism and looting? Courage to speak up and make a difference has prevailed at appointed times in history when we needed it the most. Writing with passion and conviction has often been the catalyst to raise public awareness and enlist a large percentage of the populace to press for change.

posted 09/01/2016

Shamanism: The Baseline of Many Isms - Kent Philpott

The shaman is the priest from primitive eras who has survived into the modern age. Shamanism may well be the most practiced religious or spiritual form in the world. Shamans are everywhere and operate in the world’s largest religions. But there is no individual known as a shaman in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Sikhism, Taoism, Shinto, Christianity, and others. Nevertheless, shamanism is present in each of these, though often in disguise. (This is a full, illustrated chapter from The Soul Journey: How Shamanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Charisma Are Connected)

posted 10/31/2015

Were the Crusaders and Inquisitors Chrisitians? Yes, No, Maybe - Kent Philpott

The crusades permanently embittered relations between Christians and Muslims, and they are used to this day to rationalize a continuing hatred that often erupts into violence. Promotion of religion by force of arms demonstrates weakness of ideals, ethics, and message. To spread the faith by means of intimidation is the worst possible program, one that no one can really respect. Not only the Muslims but also Christians have been guilty here.

posted 4/15/2015

slave manacles
Santerίa: De la Esclavitud a la Esclavitud - Kent Allan Philpott

¿A qué esclavitud me refiero? La esclavitud de una religión que controla casi todo aspecto de la vida. La esclavitud de una fe capturada por superstición y prácticas mágicas. A una mentalidad paranoica donde se necesita protección contra hechizos y maldiciones echadas. La esclavitud a los espíritus de los muertos. La esclavitud a la necesidad de apaciguar los orishas y satisfacer sus demandas. Esclavitud a una clase de sacerdotes y sacerdotisas cuyas palabras deben ser consideradas las palabras de una deidad. La esclavitud a los espíritus, a los santos llamados orishas, aquellas entidades que en realidad no son nada más que espíritus sucios o demoníacos.

posted 9/30/2012

slave manacles
Santeria - From Slavery to Slavery - Kent Allan Philpott

What slavery do I have in mind? Slavery to a religion that controls most every aspect of life. Slavery to a faith captured by superstition and magical practices. Slavery to a paranoid mindset where spells and curses are cast and are needing to be protected against. Slavery to the spirits of the dead. Slavery to the necessity of placating the orishas and meeting their demands. Slavery to a class of priests and priestesses whose very words are to be considered the words of a deity. Slavery to the spirits, the saints called orishas, those entities who are in fact nothing more than unclean or demonic spirits.

posted 9/18/2012

Wicca Five Elements
Wicca - Is it for Real? - Kent A. Philpott

Wicca is not coming to a town near you - it is already there! Witchcraft, gods, goddesses, spells, curses, astral travel, fairies, elves, dead ancestors, animal guides - are these real spiritual realities or they just imagined? One way or the other, it is a growing phenomenon and not likely to go away soon.

posted 7/13/2012

Bits of Books
Joseph: A Life of Providence, Injustice, and Forgiveness (sample chapter) - Brian Bailey

God was involved and in control not only of Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt but also in the hard events of betrayal, slavery, false accusation and abandonment. God’s providence brought suffering into the life of Joseph, but that suffering had a purpose. The results of the bitter drink of suffering ultimately saved many, including the young Hebrew nation. Joseph’s life shines a spotlight on the truth that God utilizes our afflictions to work his purposes in our lives and in the lives of others.

Christian Basics: Introduction and 1.1.1 - Kent Philpott

Christian Basics is written by a pastor for his congregation. Section One consists of 16 lessons in 3 parts -- The God Who Reveals Himself, The Great Themes of the Bible, and The Church and the Christian Life. Section Two consists of 15 lessons in two parts -- Debates (extramural) and Conversations (Intramural). While not all Christians agree on all doctrines, these are the essentials.

posted 12/9/2014

Deliver Us from Evil: How Jesus Casts Out Demons Today (Preface) - Kent Philpott

Did Jesus cast out demons only when he walked the earth? Did it stop with his disciples? Here is a biblical study of how and why Jesus, the Twelve Disciples, and his followers ever since continue to do so in his name and power. Get the instructions you need to minister to those in need of deliverance.

Memoirs of a Jesus Freak, Chapter 2 - Kent Philpott

In Memoirs of a Jesus Freak, Kent Philpott tells of going to the hippies in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in early 1967 and the unusual outpouring of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders that was the Jesus People Movement. The 1967 Summer of Love gave way to the 1968 summer of hell, invaded by hard drugs and predators, and no one wore flowers in their hair anymore. Yet this was when the flames of the awakening burned most brightly.

Book cover: If the Devil Wrote a Bible
If the Devil Wrote a Bible (Vol. 2): "Be Spiritual Not Religious" (chapter 17) - Kent A. Philpott

True spirituality rejects organized religion, which is just a for-profit institution. It is big business run by powerful, authoritarian men who misuse and abuse the trust accorded them. Their only interest is to have the poor, duped fools in the pews do their bidding, give money to their large church denominations and ... The fools who obey them must adhere to all the rituals, forms, and liturgy, say those ridiculous prayers over and over, light candles and incense, and give tithes! So much effort for what?

Are You Being Duped? book
Are You Being Duped?: "Do you think the grave is the end?" - Kent Allan Philpott

How sure are you, if you believe that the grave is the end, that you are right? Oh, you may believe it with all your heart and soul! But how do you know you are right? Do you have anything to prove your position? Are you willing to risk absolutely everything?

For Pastors of Small Churches, book
For Pastors of Small Churches: "Examine Yourself" - Kent Allan Philpott

We must be sure of our own conversion.

To be engaged in pastoral ministry and yet be unconverted--this is a great tragedy. Many think they are converted on the basis of church membership, baptism, good deeds, holding to orthodox creeds and doctrine, and so on. In fact, some mistakenly believe they are truly converted because they are ministers.

Of Other Interest
Islamic symbol
Islam Insights: A Collection of Essays over time - Kent Allan Philpott


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