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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

If the Devil Wrote a Bible

devil writing

"Words, ideas, philosophies, imaginings, dreams, visions—packaged just right. These are my weapons of choice.  A book, a bible, filled with my wisdom, my sayings, just a little different from the book my Enemy will have." --quoted perhaps from the mind of the devil.

Preface to the second edition

In 1974 Logos International published the first edition of If the devil wrote a bible. It did quite well and then Logos International closed down, but the book has apparently kept right on. In 2009 a friend pointed out that carried a form of the book published by someone or another and that it was selling briskly. I found an old copy and realized the material needed updating and that new material could be added.  Therefore, in order to keep up with the times, a new edition of the Devil’s bible is ready to go.

The chief demon comes up with nothing actually new; he simply spins old ideas for a new generation in order  to ensnare new followers. This is understood, after all, if you were the devil you would do the same.  And he keeps getting new disciples.  Deception never stops, in fact, the lies get bigger and bigger. It seems the wilder the whopper the more quickly people rush to embrace it.

This is no Screwtape Letters, and I am no C.S. Lewis. That book was and is a favorite of mine, and over the years I have given many copies of it away as part of my pastoral ministry. Like Lewis I do take the devil seriously. There is a devil, of that I am certain. No, the devil has not written an actual bible and I am hoping that I have not overdone it to the point readers  take it that the prince of demons did.

One other point that I must mention— the use of a made up name for God — "youknowwho." This is the name have I imagined Satan uses to refer to the Lord God. Is it wrong to assume that the devil hates the name of God and would intentionally avoid using it at all costs? To the Christian community, please do not take offense here. It bothered me more to hear, in my mind, that dark evil one use the wonderful term we use to speak of the triune God than to make up something of a substitute.

There are two parts to this second edition. One is the new material; the second is the old material but reworked or updated. There will be some overlapping of themes and ideas.
I may be wrong, but the devil’s bible, his means of trapping and deceiving, has gotten quite a bit more sophisticated and nuanced than it was thirty-six years ago. I tried to reduce the number of chapters I originally laid out for the new edition, but found I could not. In fact, the number of new chapters likely will continue to grow. The devil is at least not lazy or stupid as people look at things. Rather, the evidence reveals that the devil adapts to the times, probably even influences culture in ways we will neither see nor understand.  Satan does not want to lose even one poor little sheep to his Enemy and so rises to meet the needs of each generation. Above and beyond the machinations of Satan, God is constantly working to claim His own.

Christians are not dualistic philosophically; that is, we do not adhere to a world view wherein there is a war of gods, one evil and one good, fighting it out on a cosmic scale. Far from it. What we find in Scripture is that the Creator God is Sovereign Lord of all, but—and it is a huge but—there is present in the universe an evil being, a fallen angel at the head of a host of fallen angels otherwise known as demons.* This Satan, or being who wars against God (for that is the meaning of the name Satan), has certain but limited power.  There are many gaps in the revealed Scripture in regard to details, and in hoping to answer to our questions Christians are tempted to fill in those gaps, but to do so may be to go beyond Scripture itself. And this I want to avoid.

However powerful Satan may appear to be or may actually be, still this enemy of God is a defeated one and is under the authority of Him who even the devil and the demons recognize is the Lord God Almighty.  There is no battle of equals, but there is a spiritual warfare that goes on nevertheless, which is the reason for the second advent of If the devil wrote a bible.

The Devil's Prologue

Lying in wait for the Jewish/Egyptian/Midianite shepherd to walk by, the lord of the flies studies his strategy. The ultimate fiend muses about Moses:

“My enemy, that one who threw me out of my rightful place, wants Moses, who by the way is a murderer himself, to bring those miserable people out of Egypt.  Then the writing of a book will start. I’d like to get published first.

“YHWH indeed, how arrogant his God is, I refuse to use the name, it will be youknowwho from now on. He makes Himself out to be the only real life and being.  What about ME, I AM ME, and He doesn’t approve. Oh well, I made my move and lost but I will not give up. I will fight, and kill, and murder, and deceive as many as I can. I will get some too, I will have them in my presence and they will pay and pay and pay. I will have no mercy. I am a hater. Yes, I am a murderer and I will get away with it for a long time. The only pleasure I have now to destroy that which youknowwho loves; imagine actually loves those miserable beasts. It is inconceivable.

“Why He lets me go on and on I will never know. Who cares, I will make the best of my time and wreak as much hell as I possibly can. My angels are working on it night and day. We succeed more than we fail. I hate to admit since youknowwho could stop me but here I still am. I am but I am not the great I AM.

“Moses--makes me sick. He should stick up for himself. He did the right thing though in killing that Egyptian. Somehow he escaped.  I would have had him thrown in a dungeon for the rest of his life. Slipped throw my claws; one of those damnable miracles. Humble Moses and his not so humble brother Aaron, who becomes high priest. One day that is what I want to be. If I can’t be God then high priest is good enough. I want to be worshipped--Is that such a bad thing? Everyone wants it, I mean, think of the power. I could get whatever I wanted, forever. People bowing down, praising me, adoring me. I am Lucifer the Morning Star, the Day star, bright and light and beautiful. That is what I am and everyone should worship me. I will get as many as I can to worship me and I guess I will have more than youknowwho. But it is not enough because it will not be forever—only for a while. Then it will all be over. I know it and how I hate it, hate it harder than anything. I have power but not enough. I have power but not real power. And I am beside myself with hate. Oh, how I love to deceive and murder!

“Moses is going to start writing a book. It is bound to happen and I would  stop him if I could. I want my own book though.  Words, ideas, philosophies, imaginings, dreams, visions—packaged just right. These are my weapons of choice.  A book, a bible, filled with my wisdom, my sayings, just a little different from the book my Enemy will have. I see strings of clever, flesh and mind appealing axioms that are thin shades away from the truth, a degree away sometimes. Attractive, alluring, sexy too, suggestions even, thousands of them sculpted to fit into all the different cultures.  I am talking about simple little notions I can place about the landscape, nuggets of devilish wisdom that sound oh so good and true and right. Ideas that will boost the self-centeredness in the creatures and exploit their natural fear and hatred of their creator. Perfect. I will be the wise philosopher, the guru, the spiritual master, religious leader—this will be easy. Might even be able to use their own art, music, science, and literature against them by embedding in them truth, my kind of truth that is, that is bound to make them skeptical, even contemptuous of youknowwho. Yes, there will be some success, some will fall prey.
“Now then, I will start to write a book.”

Signed: Lucifer, chief adversary of youknowwho, otherwise known as the devil and Satan

*For a further discussion on demons see my book How Christians Cast Out Demons Today.

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