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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

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chile mine rescue hug
newThe Chilean Mine Rescue: "Good News" Parallels - Timothy Cross

The Chilean mine rescue was good news. Thinking about it, however, we see parallels with the Good News, that is, the Christian Gospel. For the Christian Gospel is essentially a rescue operation – God’s Own rescue of perishing sinners. Four words will enable us to understand this. The words are Incarceration, Salvation, Reconciliation, and Transformation.

posted 10/19/10

Rinso with Christ Blood
newNothing But the Blood - Michelle Shelfer

John tells us in Revelation that the ones coming out of the great tribulation “washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”  The Lamb’s blood made the robes white? What makes the blood of Jesus a cleansing blood and not a staining blood?

posted 10/9/10

Chagall Ruth
newRuth: A Guide for Life’s Troubled Times, Chapter 3:
"Naomi's Urging"- Brian Bailey

As time progresses if we live long enough we lose siblings, friends and spouses ultimately to death. It is a trail of leaving behind and losing what was once most dear.... For these three women there was a special bond that only those who have endured great suffering together can have.

posted 9/28/10

You're Out!
new"Strikes and Outs" - Kent Philpott

As it is easier to make a ball or safe call, so it is easier to stand down and avoid confronting error. Courage is a rare and wonderful quality, one which may cost us dearly. We see in the pages of the New Testament the price Jesus paid for His obedience to the Father. He was attacked by many, scorned and rejected, and ultimately went to the cross...Paul took stands for the Gospel that earned him enemies and a stressful life...John was opposed by the Roman authorities and was forced into exile, yet he never ceased to speak out against error. Christians in whatever era are called to do the same. And it takes courage to do so.

posted 9/23/10

St. John by El Greco
newMeet John: Fisherman, Disciple, Gospel Writer, Christian Elder Statesman - Timothy Cross

These things are written … John’s Gospel is in a category all of its own amongst human literature. John’s written portrait of the Saviour Whom he knew and loved so well is truly beyond compare. The only way of getting to know his Friend and Saviour is to read his Gospel and make its words part of our mind, thinking and very being.

posted 9/21/10

pyschedelic pattern
Jesus People, Part 4: Recollections of My Search for Truth -David Hoyt

In a cell facing years in prison for smuggling marijuana into the USA, I met an older addict who became a friend. We made a pact to search for God during our time in prison.... Sticking to this commitment I threw myself into an intense search for God and truth. Upon paroling, my search for truth continued – but was accelerated by LSD...

posted 9/21/10

facebook f in heart
What every parent should know about the Internet:
The Social Network Revolution- David Clark

A 16 year old posted on Facebook that she thought her job was boring. She was called into her manager's office and handed a letter that cited her Facebook comments as the reason for dismissal... President Obama, in a September 2009 televised address to American schools, advised them to "be careful what you post on Facebook. Whatever you do, it will be pulled up later in your life."

posted 9/21/10

Peter holding Jesus' hand
Hold Fast to Sound Doctrine - Kathleen Morgan

Bill Johnson and those who follow the Global Revival are methodically conditioning new believers as well as long time Christians with their new message. They are creating an organization, not a Christian Church. They preach a new message along with a new process by which the church can acquire the “power of God,” receive an impartation, and obtain the skill to practice the power of prophecy and healings and to help "heaven invade the earth." Videos on both sides...

posted 8/24/10

Sounding the Shofar
Tapping Into What? Sounding a Warning - Kent Philpott

There is a powerful realm beyond the material; it is the supernatural. But not all supernatural spiritual power is godly.Those who are acquainted with various spiritualities know there is such power, and acquiring it is the moving force behind ancient and modern occult practices....The purpose of this essay is to sound a call for critical thinking. Unhappily, an obsessive hunger for supernatural power will not be of benefit in the long run. It may instead prove to be overwhelming, compulsive, disappointing, besides being spiritually and emotionally dangerous. 

posted 8/23/10

Martin Luther
Legalistic Grace - Kent Philpott

Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it-- legalistic grace--but I have been coming across the sentiment in a number of different ways. However expressed, whether in print, sermon, television, radio, or conversation, it sounds very much like, “I am more of a Calvinist than you are.” It is a pressure to accept a whole array of doctrines and positions beyond TULIP. Many insist that to be a true Calvinist means adhering to much more that the famous five points...

posted 8/24/10

Ruth and Naomi
Reflections on Ruth: Bedrock Truth - Brian Bailey

We want the world to be just but it is not. God reserves the right to define what is good and what is just in our lives.
This is the crisis of faith— to look honestly at the world’s condition and at the condition of our own lives and reconcile it to what we are told of the character of God.
Sometimes the suffering, the trouble we find ourselves in is a very real manifestation of the fact that...

Larry Rosenbaum
The Great Omission: Seven Excuses for not Preaching the Gospel - Larry Rosenbaum

Today, there are millions of Christians throughout the world.  Modern technology has given us the means of reaching multitudes for Jesus.  Yet every year the percentage of the world's population that has heard the gospel decreases.
Today, with Satan's help, we have developed many sophisticated excuses not to preach the gospel.  In this teaching, I want to examine some of these excuses in the light of God's Word...


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