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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

Follower of Mohammed?
Follower of Jesus?

Average Muslims are caught in a very difficult predicament:  in order to live the good life and have a chance at entering Paradise in the afterlife, they must maintain a very rigorous commitment to the principles of Islam. At the same time they must be followers of Mohammed and attempt to emulate what he did in his lifetime.

What did Mohammed do? This is only a short list and highlights the most commonly known aspects of his life.

He is not known to have earned a living other than through acquiring the spoils of conquest.
He forced people to convert to Islam or die or become enslaved to Muslims and submit to them.
He gained converts not by persuasion or proclamation but by force.
He had at least twelve wives plus concubines, and married at least one girl under the age of ten and did have sexual relations with her while she was under ten.

To be a follower of Mohammed, to live like he did, then the average Muslim will desire to copy Mohammed’s life style.

So to be a follower of Mohammed you would likely…

Live off a welfare system. This is extremely common in Europe where those Muslims on welfare are, comparatively speaking, a high percentage of the population. Additionally, how can one work if he is required to pray five times a day, and three of those prayers come during normal business hours?
View others who are not Muslims as infidels who may be treated in any manner necessary to secure their submission, including murdering them, whether man, woman, or child.
Use force of whatever kind necessary to secure the advancement of the religion. Every day in our newspapers this fact is highlighted, and every evening the television news broadcasts are choked with the gory details.
Take child brides, who are a staple in countries where Islam predominates. Very recently in Gaza, the terrorist organization Hamas put on a large wedding celebration for 450 couples, and the brides were all little girls under ten years of age. It must be pointed out that the usual cover story foisted on a credulous western population is that this is only a cultural means of providing for poor families or that there is no sex until at least puberty—not close to the truth. No, it is pedophilia which is sanctioned by the Muslim culture. There are estimates that there are 51 million child brides now living on the planet, and almost all are in Muslim countries. Pedophilia was not only practiced by Mohammed but is also sanctioned by the Quran (see 65:4).

The most famous Muslim cleric of the 20th Century, Ayatollah Khomeini, said that a man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, the holy man said that the man should not penetrate, though sodomizing the child was permitted. The revered ayatollah further announced that a father who gives his child for such pleasure will earn a permanent place in Paradise.

If these points make you want to be a follower of Mohammed, then you have been gripped by the same evil spirit that possessed Mohammed himself.

A follower of Jesus?

Make a comparison between Jesus and Mohammed. Read one of the gospels for yourself and you will find the difference to be as different as darkness is from light, as hate is from love, and murder is from life.

The Muslim, especially those who were born in countries with a Muslim majority, is trapped into something they are virtually unable to escape. They are caught in a religious culture that, I am convinced, they would renounce if they could. Islam is a deadly cult, the worst on earth, and this is most evident when it is understood that a Muslim who renounces his or her faith is deserving of death. The truth of this is demonstrated by the murders of many who become followers of Jesus.

Closing comment

Behind and beneath Islam lurks the devil. His minions keep the average Muslim, especially in predominantly Muslim countries, living in fear due to demonic spirits called “jinn,” who must constantly be warded off or appeased. Satan would much rather come out in the open and be worshipped as a god. Recall that Satan hoped to have Jesus bow down and worship him (see Matthew 4:7-10). Because an openly blatant appearance of Satan demanding allegiance does not gain as many followers, most of the time he remains in the shadows and must be content with indirect adoration, which is what he receives in Islam. This is so clearly to be seen in what it actually means to be a follower of Mohammed.

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