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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

Kat Kerr - Divisive

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"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16a

This is a response to our recently posted "The Third Heaven: The Apostle Paul and Kat Kerr - A Contrast." We have entitled it “Kat Kerr – Divisive,” as it clearly shows how the introduction of fantastical heresy into a church body will have the effect of dividing the congregation and forcing some members who try to discern through a biblical lens to sadly leave behind friends and community. This is the resulting fruit of divisiveness.

Thank you for your comments on the Earthen Vessel Journal web page contrasting Kat Kerr's numerous visits to heaven with the Apostle Paul's description of being caught up to the third heaven. In your essay, you indicated that Kat Kerr's ministry is divisive. I can attest to that, as she is the reason I recently left a church I had attended for many years. Kat Kerr had been repeatedly invited to the church I attended, and her message was embraced with great enthusiasm by many in the congregation. Instead of saying, "the Bible says," people in church began saying, "Kat Kerr says," as if her words and message supersede the Bible.

One of her teachings that was being embraced was the concept that before we are born, we are little blobs of light living in God's heart and that we beg Him to send us to earth. Personally, if I were living in the awesome presence of God and watched other blobs of light being sent to earth, then noticed that only a handful ever returned, because the rest never accepted Jesus as their Savior, then I would beg God NOT to send me to earth. This teaching also implies that God isn't enough and that earth has something that is more desirable than Him. When a friend of mine from church told me that this concept was being taught in an adult Sunday school class, I voiced my concerns about it being unbiblical and a slippery-slope to embrace even more errant teachings. Unfortunately, my friend thought that my concerns were unwarranted. 

Another concept taught by Kat Kerr is that there is a portal in heaven where our loved ones can look through and see us on special occasions. She claims this is the "cloud of witnesses" from chapter 12 of the book of Hebrews. This interpretation goes against what the Bible teaches. The "cloud of witnesses" refers to the accounts of the people of faith, described in chapter 11 of Hebrews, who are examples to encourage us in our faith walk. Kat's interpretation was also widely accepted by the congregation. When a member of our church passed away, people looked up to heaven and talked to him during his memorial service, indicating that he must have been watching the service from the heavenly portal.

One thing I noticed about Kat Kerr was that there was no holy fear of God when she described her heavenly encounters. When I read the Bible, those who had visionary encounters with God were awestruck and trembled or fell down at the awesome fearfulness of God's holiness. Kat's recounting of her experiences with the Lord are nonchalant, at best. According to her, God even makes fun of Himself. I heard her relate the following description of the Holy Spirit. She stated, "The Holy Spirit is not a gentleman. In heaven He's known as the Drama King." I am still deeply disturbed by this statement, as it absolutely takes away from the majesty and glory that belongs to the Lord. 

The statements she makes about heaven make it sound more like an amusement park or a place where you can have all of the worldly items you ever wanted. She even showed us an example of the jewelry worn in heaven. When I think about heaven, it never enters my mind whether or not I will be able to wear jewelry. She also teaches that families live together in their mansions. My question is, which family unit lives together? Will we live as a child with our parents and siblings, or will we live with our own spouses and children? If her teachings are thought through logically, they don't appear to be rational, notwithstanding the fact that her teachings are extra-biblical.    

What concerns me the most is how staunchly people defend Kat Kerr's teachings, even when what she says goes against what the Bible teaches. I am saddened and alarmed by the entire experience. My experience has been a wake-up call, so to speak. I want to be immersed in sound doctrine and make sure that I am part of a solid Bible-based church.

Thank you again for your essay. 

Best Regards,


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