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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

One thing leads to another

Marriage cycle

A short essay by Kent Philpott

Soon we will legalize same-sex marriage. I say "we," since it is "we the people." Isn't that right? We are indeed citizens, and our representatives make the laws. So it is we.

We have no alternative but to sanction same-sex marriage, because the Scripture is not the law of the land. If it were we would not do it. Unhappily, the U.S. Constitution, as much as we revere it, provides no help, especially in the way it has been interpreted as of late. Probably, and of course I am no constitutional lawyer, equal protection under the law must not yield to moral religious notions. Let me also disavow being a theocrat--I can wait for that--maranatha.

If then same-sex marriage, why not polygamy - many wives - or better yet, polygny - plural marriage? Where can the line be drawn? If you have no line and no landmark, must not the other be acceptable as well? The law must be upheld. And this is what many will think, to the end that all the worst will occur, and imagine the picture of the weak sexual slaves of the powerful. It always comes to this when anything goes and the law is on your side.

But not all will think this way. Perhaps a spiritual civil war will erupt at some point, a battle fought in hearts and minds and not on battle fields, hopefully. There is a host of people who are not intimidated by the charge of narrow minded religious Bible thumping bigot. There are those who will not approve of sinful behavior, those acts that the Creator God has plainly defined as wrong, bad, and sinful. There are those who have crucified the flesh and its lust for more pleasure and have experienced inspiring grace and forgiveness--and who do not wish to go back to the vomit.

There is a geographical continental divide in the Rocky Mountains, but there is also a moral divide that is shared by others than Christians. Positions will be taken, but the law will favor those who want to abandon any healthy restraint on our powerful and deceiving sexuality. God gave us sex, but we have corrupted it and all other natural gifts. We are thoroughly corrupt to the point of being dead in our trespasses and sins, with our minds being on evil continually. Indeed we will agree with the Hebrew prophet who said that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. He then asked, "Who can understand it?" (see Jeremiah 17:9)

From a view above the earthly plain is seen a future judgment dispensed by a holy God who knows all things, before Whom nothing is hidden. He will judge rightly, according to His Law. Those who have approved evil, including approving sexual license, will stand naked before Him and be judged and sentenced. Same sex marriage must inevitably lead to many wives or husbands or whatever satisfies the moment. The one will lead to the other.

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