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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."


Jewish women in Nazi Germany

by Michelle Shelfer

Homeward Bound

Last September I was blessed to visit the land of my mother’s birth, Vienna, Austria, with my mother and my sister.  Mom fled from Vienna with her family after the Nazi Anschluss of March, 1938, escaping the horrors of the holocaust as it played out in Austria, and living out five years of her early life in and out of a refugee camp in Trinidad, before finally settling in the US and starting her own family.

I knew immediately as our travel plans took shape that I had a role to play in being part of a healing of the wounds from that terrible era of our family history.  Indeed, we encountered many on our journey who were eager to express their remorse and sorrow for the losses of our family.  Many humbled themselves in repentance before my mother.  We were all very moved to be part of the experience. 

Song of Shalom

Speaking only for myself, as I have no authority nor desire to speak for any but myself, I extended a hand of forgiveness and peace whenever possible.  The Lord blessed me with this song to present at an occasion when I was asked to perform.  The song came furiously and fast, as an expression of what the journey meant to me.  I pray it is a blessing to others seeking reconciliation with their past.

Click on the title below to listen:

Holy Meeting Ground 

If your Grandma wore a yellow star,
If the darkness left her broken, stunned and scattered,
Someone is calling you.

If the hurts of all her history
Still smart within your sinews, your frame still fractured,
Someone is calling you.

Calling you out, can’t you hear him
Calling you out?

You are called to the Holy Meeting Ground,
Where (bond and free)/(jew and gentile)/(all God’s children)
are gathered to forgive and be forgiven.

To touch your knee to the Holy Meeting Ground,
Making peace with one another, with the land where we were wounded,
Making peace with the Prince of Peace,

Can’t you hear him calling you?
Hear him calling!

If your Grandpa wore the killing badge,
If he bore the colors of destruction, fettered,
Someone is calling you.

Or perhaps he only held his tongue,
Only stayed indoors while all the world was shattered,
Someone is calling you.

Calling you out, can’t you hear him
Calling you out?


Whether you're the victim of insult and injury, perjury, pillaging, pogroms and problems, populated purposely, propagated, promulgated, infiltrated, violated and berated;
Or whether you're the party of the perpetrator, the instigator, traitor to the Creator;
whether you're the one that done it or the one undone by the doing of what's been done;
What's been done?


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