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"For we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not of ourselves."

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(Chapter 26)
"Purify your soul through reincarnations"

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Per the Devil:
Your soul is immortal. That is clearly taught even by the church of YKW.1 After death, your soul must be reborn into another person. Each time you go around, you work out the issues and problems of your past lives. This is the method by which you purify your soul and become an ever higher being.

The Devil's own commentary

Immortality of the soul manifests itself through reincarnation. Even the church of YKW knows that. How else could it be that you have existed before the beginning of time, as YKW says? It is only logical that you were not waiting around for millions of years, just to be born one time only.

The truth is that you have been here many times before in the bodies of other people. That is how you have become so wise. Didn’t I say that the grave is not the end? We have many opportunities to get life right and purify our souls. The smart ones who follow Me have consulted a medium or other fine practitioners who understand the deeper, more mysterious things and have found out who they lived as before. This adds such depth and dimension to their current lives and gives them an advantage that others don’t have.

Reincarnation – what a wonderful method of purifying the soul and becoming better followers of mine. In this way, you will live forever, just like Me!

A Christian’s response

Reincarnation is the belief that the souls of the dead will inhabit a new body after the old body expires. The westernized version states that a human being can only be reincarnated into a new human body.2   Amazingly, Satan doesn’t seem to care that this belief is contradictory to both the idea that the souls or spirits of the dead stay in some place of limbo awaiting the chance to communicate with the living and the idea that the grave is the end. All three are errors.

Belief in reincarnation is a favorite ploy of Satan, because it lulls adherents into believing that they have no need to deal with the consequences of sin in their lives and therefore have no need of a Savior. Other ploys, like an intermediate state of limbo or purgatory, are at best human inventions developed to soften the horrors of death and give false comfort to the living. Scripture speaks nothing of these ideas. Instead it says, "It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment."3 What better way to avoid the reality of that word “judgment” than to believe that you get many, perhaps even unlimited chances to “get it right,” sometimes called “working out your karma.” It sure lifts the moral burden off, doesn’t it?

Judgment will indeed come, and it will be based on what we have done in our one lifetime here on earth. After that, we will in fact live forever, but not because of reincarnation. Rather we live because of resurrection, the raising of the dead at the second coming of Christ. All will be raised, the just to eternal life and the unjust to eternal punishment.4 It is this somber truth the Devil wants to obscure. The devil well knows that when a person sees reality they might then have an interest in Jesus.

1 YKW = You Know Who.  The Devil means God, the God of the universe as described in the Holy Bible, but he refuses to say His name.

2 In the more original Hindu concept of reincarnation, the number of reincarnations required to overcome bad karma are counted in the thousands. Westerners need something more palatable, so some enlightened ones teach that you can get it right in just one lifetime. Hmm – the Devil's advertising department is working overtime.

3 Hebrews 9:27.

4 See Acts 24:15 and Matthew 25:46.

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